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Overview: EU with 8 players, rapid land battles and new maps

Last Minute News
You can find here a couple of new maps drawn for Europa Universalis:

The map was made by Jean-Christophe Dubacq, who can be mailed for questions or commentaries.

Europa Universalis is a game designed by Philippe Thibaut, published by the french company Azure Wish Edition. You will find in here some propositions to adapt it as a 8 player game. France, England, Spain, Turkey, Venise (then Holland and Austria) have each one a player. We add Poland (then Prussia) and Portugal (then Sweden) as new powers and Russia is played from period I till the end.

The other thing that you may find of interest is a system for rapid land battles which we find convenient. It is based on the project of a second extension by the author Ph. Thibaut himself, and it has been completed by ourselves to answer the questions left on logistic, attrition, rest-of-the-world specificities, and so on.

Sadly, the proposed changes of the rules are now only in french. Given time, those responsible for these adaptations, Bertrand Asseray and Pierre Borgnat will translate this in english (rather poor english probably). Still you can ask both of us questions (in french or english) about this variant on the EU-list. We also do like commentaries and criticisms.

Files to download

Warning: those files are in french only.

New! - the EU8 rules ("B" version of the 08/07 2003) themselves to accomodate 8 players (Beware! around 800k, in PDF) with new modifications concerning war and peaces, simplified naval system and battles, modified events (based on those of Risto), all the necessary tables and many things more.

Rapid land battles (first version -- called A) for which the following files are needed:
- the rules themselves (in PDF);
- the Battle CRT designed by P. Thibaut;
- last, the Siege CRT, also by the author.

EU8 variant (version A) with 8 players is detailed in the complete following text
- the rules (1st version) themselves to accomodate 8 players (Beware! around 800k, in PDF);
- the revised map drawn by JC Dubacq.


Phlippe Thibaut, Nicolas Tsagouria, Risto Majormaa and Olivier Micos receive here many thanks for their work on Europa Universalis. Mainly, Ph. Thibaut to have designed this game, and to have given new insight on the matter with a project of Second Extension.

Remerciements à Philippe Thibaut, non seulement pour avoir créé Europa Universalis, mais aussi pour avoir accepté de partager ses projets de seconde extension.
Nous remercions aussi Nicolas Tsagouria qui a permis cela ; Risto Majormaa pour avoir remis de l'ordre dans les événements politiques ; Olivier Micos dont nous avons repris certaines idées. Enfin les joueurs de la partie en cours avec cette variante (sans eux, nous aurions l'air malin, à deux joueurs...) : Jean-Yves Moyen, Jean-Christophe Dubacq, Aurélien Schoumaker, Benjamin Wack, Rémi Moyen, Sylvain Domergue et Éric/Troll.

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